16 October 2012

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of Martin Thornton. A blogger at Akenside Press, who is doing a master's thesis on him, posted this indispensable chart synthesizing Thornton's work on what constitutes "The English School" within catholic spirituality/historical theology. Who do you read, if you're an Anglican? What is "the genuine root-stock of our theological breeding"? Here it is in easily digestible form, with influences out to the side. 

I am amused that my gut reaction to nearly the whole center column is "Oooh, I love her/him!" Except perhaps Macquarrie. I know Thornton is all about Macquarrie, and I was (comically; I was a late-teen) given Macquarrie by the priest who instructed me for Baptism, but I'm not positive I'd put him in that tree... though I'm not sure who else to suggest for 20th c. Or perhaps it's too early to know?

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